How to Choose Interior Trim & Moulding

The interior trim you choose is as personal as your individual taste, but there are guides you can follow to help make every trim decision a perfect one. One of the most important rules of thumb is to keep the style of your trim consistent with your home style and from room to room. Pair Colonial-style crown moulding with Modern door casing and you’ll get lots of attention, but most likely not the kind you’re going for.

Here are a few examples of architectural styles and matching trim styles, and why they work so well together:


The Craftsman home style is often described as “honest,” as in the happy result of a satisfying day of hard work. The best trim to match this most handcrafted of home styles? Simple, tailored and purposeful door and minimally ornamented window casings. Create roomier spaces with white, light beige and cream-colored moulding.


This home style distinguishes itself with a combination of rustic simplicity and rich detail. The symmetry and confident formality of Colonials call for interior trim that lends a touch of stately courtliness to each room. Choose multi-piece trim and wider baseboards, wainscoting and crown moulding to surround and adorn family room floors, walls and ceilings.

Cape Cod

A practical and quaintly unassuming design that dates back to the 17th century, Cape Cods are best accented by interior trim that adorns subtly. Areas to consider: transom windows and sidelights that surround multi-paneled entry doors, casings for double-hung windows, picture rails and frame walls. Kitchens and dining areas are central to Cape Cods, and white ceilings and cabinet moulding against soothing grays and warm blues create a very inviting and timeless combination.


The clean expansiveness of this home style lends itself to unadorned window and door casings, and baseboards. You can go minimalist and use trim merely to protect walls and floors from scuff marks and handprints. Or you can make a neutral-colored dining room instantly more interesting with contrasting (but complementary) door, floor and window trim color—light mocha accents over cream-colored walls, for example.


Open, informal and inviting, the Ranch is best represented by trim that keeps a relaxed feeling flowing from room to room (or area to area). Many levels and styles of trim work here, from simple baseboards to more formal trimmed windows and cabinetry in the kitchen, fireplace mantels in the family room and passageway casings.

Whether you plan to DIY your own crown moulding, or work with a professional, explore Royal Trim & Mouldings to evaluate your options. If you’re ready to get started, head to our Product Locator and find a contractor or retailer near you.

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