Deepen your curb appeal in highly unique style.

Let’s break shake siding down in three ways.

Deepen your curb appeal in highly unique style.

1. Styles

D7 Shake or Hand-Split?

2. Combinations

Blend styles. Add charm.

3. Profiles

Siding types and textures.

Two unique expressions of dramatic beauty.

Whether used as a main attraction or an accent, D7 Shake and Hand-Split Shake bring depth to your exterior in their own way.

Hand-Split Shake

Hand-Split Shake

Grains and textured surfaces run deep, adding genuine rustic ambience to cottages.

Shake siding and friends.

Shake adds texture and a coastal New England feel when paired with a variety of other siding color combinations and styles.

D7 Shake

works together to add rustic dimension to a variety of home styles.

D7 Shake

gives a higher, even more charming profile to Ranchers.

D7 Shake

combines to warm up the old world aura of Colonials.

The charming life of Shake & Shingles.

Use each of these unique takes on Shake to embellish and expand your exterior.

D7 Shake

Brings a uniform New England coastal look that personifies Cape Cod homes.

Hand-Split Shake

Use in the eaves and dormers to countrify a Craftsman or add depth and charm to a Victorian.

Half Rounds

Serves beautifully as a refreshing gable accent on coastal homes or a character-builder on farmhouses.

D5 Shake

Echoes the coastal curb appeal of our D7 Shake, with a smaller facing.