Be Boundless

Discover what it's like to innovate, connect, express, design and dream in endless ways with the building industry's most diverse array of solutions. Get ready to defy limits and transform spaces into unique design stories. You have all the opportunities in the world to Be Boundless™.

Be Boundless™ with Westlake Royal Building Products

Be empowered by every product, at every turn. 

You've got unlimited choices at your fingertips: products that make homes live, breathe and stand out in unique ways. Technology that keeps pushing forward ways to meet design ambitions, improve no-worry livability and nail see of instillation. 

Dive into all of it: siding, trim & mouldings, stone, roofing, windows and outdoor living products that capture precisely the right look, personality and mood, transform spaces into unique design stories and prove to be as durable as they are memorable, year after year. Feel what it means to Be Boundless™.


Expand your design palette.

Ready to dial in the right color, mood and home design before making it real? Immerse yourself in our deeply engaging Color Explorer tool and virtual home design tools. 

Experiment and expand with Color Explorer

There are no limits to the spectrum of energy, mood and design power color can evoke. Our Color Explorer tool shows you how far it can take you. 

Dive into Color

Imagine and reimagine your exterior with design tools

Our suite of virtual design tools make it easy to endlessly play with any array of siding, trim, color and other elements until you arrive at the look that says "home."

Play with Design

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Creating homes that inspire them: Be Boundless™ Stories

When Heather Killie and Richard Ingraham set out to design their dream home in Windham, New Hampshire, they wanted to be involved in every detail, from collaborating with the architect on the overall design to working with the builder to choose the best materials. In their search they discovered Celect™ Cellular Siding.


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