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Country (or countrylike) living should be simple. The Farmhouse home style reflects that idea in numerous ways, including wraparound porches that provide shade for guests and respite from heat.

Farmhouse Style Notes

  • Large wraparound porches function as both a gathering and transitional space 
  • Roofs are steeply pitched and often flare out to shelter the main porch
  • Decorative porch railings add charm to an exterior that’s light on ornament 
  • The Farmhouse takes up a large footprint and is ideal for sizable lots

Although you’ll find the Farmhouse style in urban and suburban areas, its initial intent was to reflect the simplicity of rural living. Wraparound porches provide shade and protect the inside from heat. Symmetrical main and dormer windows serve more as a functional way to attract light than as ornamentation. Personality is best expressed through porch, door and window trim.

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