Tough crowd.
Easy transformation.


When Giovanni Petrole, a managing partner with ABC Supply, decided he was ready to remodel the exterior of his home, he had an advantage that few homeowners do—he’s been in the business of selling siding, roofing, windows and other exterior home products for nearly three decades.

Giovanni Petrole


4” Market Square® Clapboard in Indigo
SurEdge™ PVC Trim in White

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They knew what they loved. And they found it.

Giovanni and his wife, Kathi, a professional stager, knew the look they wanted: 1970s Colonial. And they were just as clear on the best siding for that style: Exterior Portfolio® Market Square® in D4. “I knew that I wanted a vinyl product, something that I could power wash. This product is better than anything else out there,” Petrole says. “I’ve been out to at least 50 projects where Exterior Portfolio Market Square is being installed and every contractor I work with loves it.”

"Market Square in Indigo creates such a high-end look on the walls. The seams all but disappear."

A neighborhood standout at half the cost of a fiber cement installation.

Pairing Market Square siding with easy-to-fabricate SurEdge™ Trim gave them a rich exterior that stands out against the backdrop of neutral tan and gray homes in their neighborhood. And at less than half the cost of a fiber cement installation, the Petroles were able to put more of their renovation budget toward eye-catching design elements, like a copper roof on the front portico. “I’ve renovated four homes, and this is the first renovation where every time I pull out of my driveway there’s a big smile on my face.”