Wrapping up the simple, warm aesthetic.


Karen Ray, a home design and DIY enthusiast known as Our Blissful Cottage on Instagram, built a beautiful coastal farmhouse surrounded by huge mossy oak trees in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Karen and her husband decided to DIY the rest of their build once the framing and mechanicals were installed. Enter Royal® Column Wraps.

Karen Ray


Traditional Column Wraps by Royal® Building Products


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Doing justice to a southern-style porch.

After plenty of inspirational research and weekend trips to visit similar homes, the Ray family landed on the Low Country Coastal Farmhouse style. They were particularly excited about moving forward with the columns they included on their classic southern-style porch. Karen chose Royal Column Wraps for their easy installation, low-maintenance PVC benefits, character and presence.


“Using Royal®’s Column Wraps also saved us time on the install — no caulking, no filling holes and no painting!”

Completing the look and reducing the maintenance.

With an eye toward saving time and money in the future, Karen appreciated that Royal Column Wraps are made from low-maintenance cellular PVC. The Ray family was able to complete their coastal farmhouse dream home while being able to DIY the project they had planned. Follow along with Karen’s home inspiration and renovation on Instagram for more glimpses of her column wraps in action.

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